How to see Twitch stats for channels and games with Chrome extension


Want to see more in-depth stats while viewing Twitch streams? Here’s how to download the Google Chrome extension Streams Charts so you can get more out of your viewing experience.

Streams Charts is a Chrome extension created by the stats agency Esports Charts, which offers viewers enhanced streaming analytics.

Some of the additions include broadcast of live channels you follow, viewer stats categories with all-time peak records, and extra stream stats with comparisons to previous broadcasts.

So, let’s run through how to download and view the extra stats from the extension in Chrome.

streams chartsKing Nidogg/Streams Charts/Twitch
Streams Charts Chrome extension offers extra stats to Twitch viewers.

How to view Twitch stats in Streams Charts

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download the Twitch Stats extension, then view the extra goodies you get from it.

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  1. Head to the Crome Web Store’s extensions tab.
  2. Search Streams Charts and download the first option that says Twitch Stats.
  3. Head to and you will see the added stats on the left sidebar.
  4. Click on a streamer’s page and you will see advanced stats for their channel.

The extension also shows streamers top recent clips, even from their current broadcast.

Here is what a stream should look like just below the live video:

tyler1Tyler1/Twitch/Streams Charts
Tyler1’s advanced stats showing from the Streams Charts browser extension.

Streams Charts users can also view stats of specific games like peak viewers, average viewers, and how many streamers are broadcasting the game.

If you are having a problem getting the extension to load in Chrome, try closing your browser then opening it up again.

Once you have the extension running, you can enjoy the tons of features it adds to your viewership experience.