How tall are your favorite YouTubers? Mike Majlak measures Bryce Hall, Harry Jowsey & more

Mike Majlak measures top YouTubersYouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs

Ever wondered how tall your favorite influencers are? YouTuber Mike Majlak is on the case, measuring some of the net’s top creators to create the most accurate height chart possible.

It’s no secret that celebrities’ heights can be surprising. Actors like Tom Cruise, for instance, are much shorter than most people would think. His larger-than-life presence on screen causes viewers to think he’s taller than his actual 5’7″ frame.

Influencers are also often quizzed about their height — and looking it up on Google might not always produce totally accurate results (especially if some creators aren’t always honest about their height).

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That’s why YouTube star Mike Majlak set out to find the exact heights of social media’s biggest stars, showing himself measuring names like Bradley Martyn, Adam22, and Harry Jowsey in a January 19 episode of The Night Shift.

Mike Majlak finds height of biggest influencers: Harry Jowsey, Bradley Martyn, more

To start, Majlak filled his chart with the heights of other well-known creators like iShowSpeed, Dwarf Mamba, and MrBeast, who come in at 5’8, 4’2″, and 6’3″, respectively (at least, according to Google).

Then, Mike went to the opening of Bradley Martyn’s Encino gym, Zoo Culture, where he measured the height of the bodybuilding creator with a tape measure — as well as several other big stars.

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All in all, he managed to get a first-hand account of the heights of major stars (even boxer Ryan Garcia), so there’s no way to contest his findings (well, mostly).

Here are some of the heights of the biggest online creators from Majlak’s graph:

  • Dwarf Mamba: 4’2″
  • Adin Ross: 5’7″
  • iShowSpeed: 5’8″
  • Bryce Hall: 5’11 ½”
  • Ryan Garcia: 5’10”
  • Mike Majlak: 6’2 ½”
  • MrBeast: 6’3″
  • Adam22: 6’3 ½”
  • Harry Jowsey: 6’5″
Mike Majlak creator height chart copyYouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs

(Topic begins at 4:55)

It’s worth noting that Majlak’s BFF, Logan Paul, wasn’t seen at this particular influencer gathering; currently, the YouTuber is embroiled in controversy surrounding his involvement in a cryptocurrency scandal after being called out for “scamming” his fans with a 2021 crypto game, ‘CryptoZoo.’

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