Tyler1 fans shocked by the disgusting state of his Twitch streaming setup

Tyler1, YouTube

Twitch viewers might have spent countless hours watching their favorite streamers, but not everyone will showcase their setup – especially when it’s as shocking as Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp’s. Let’s take a look at how it compares to Ninja‘s and shroud‘s…

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There’s a good chance that the popular internet personality, who is well-known for some of his raging antics during livestreams, might be a little bit annoyed to find that his girlfriend revealed his dirty gaming area during one of her broadcasts on April 15. 

His girlfriend, League of Legends player’s room. 

“His keyboard is so gross but he doesn’t like when I show it so I’m just going to move away before he gets mad at me,” she added, before deciding to leave the room with their cats. 

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How does Tyler1’s Twitch setup compare to Ninja and shroud?

Tyler1 might be a high profile streamer with a large audience, with over 2.3 million followers on Twitch at the time of writing, but his rather dirty setup doesn’t seem to match the standards set by others with large fanbases. 

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek both boast phenomenal gaming setups, as seen below, which must make fans wonder the reasons why Tyler1’s isn’t as professional as some might think. 

Ninja’s PC setup

Blevins is really open about changes that he makes to his gaming setup, showing off his new streaming room in October 2018 – as seen in the clip below. It’s a whole dedicated space for streaming, with his branding all over it, and it looks fantastic. 

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Shroud’s PC setup

Here’s a photo shroud posted of his dual-PC gaming setup on January 19. It’s very possible that there have been some changes since, as he’s always looking to improve it, but there’s certainly no ripped seats like that of Tyler1. 

In fairness, Ninja and shroud have undoubtedly attracted a much larger fanbase than Tyler1 since all three started to stream – which brings, of course, monetary advantages. 

However, that won’t stop fans from being shocked to see the differences in how each of them look after their equipment.