Herman Li shocks DragonForce fans by sneaking behind them during IRL stream - Dexerto

Herman Li shocks DragonForce fans by sneaking behind them during IRL stream

Published: 17/Feb/2020 13:50

by Kamil Malinowski


DragonForce guitarist Herman Li shocked fans at the power metal band’s Switzerland tour as he snuck behind them for a song during his IRL stream. 

IRL [In-real-life] streaming has become incredibly popular on Twitch with tons of broadcasters showing off their day to day lives and exciting events.

Even famous guitarist Herman Li has joined the trend, chatting with his fans and playing his guitar on Twitch. He even took it up a notch and began to broadcast DragonForce tours in February, showing off what the band gets up to.

Twitch: HermanLi
DragonForce guitarist Herman Li is often found chatting to fans and playing his guitar on Twitch.

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Herman Li was streaming a concert on Feb 16 when he decided to do something special for fans that were all the way at the back. He and bass player Alicia Vigil snuck off stage and took a back route to the bar, shocking fans who could barely see the stage with a front-row performance.


At first, no one noticed them, but as soon as the song picked up and they fired up their instruments many fans turned around, with a mix of shock and joy, and began to rock with the DragonForce members.

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Twitch chat absolutely loved it as well, spamming PogChamp emotes and generally being shocked throughout.

The duo only stayed at the bar for the band’s signature song, Through Fire and Flames, before returning to the stage to a hail of applause – no doubt many coming from fans who had absolutely loved the unique experience.

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DragonForce’s European tour finished on Feb 16, so fans may not see Herman Li performing on Twitch until March 5, when the band begins their American tour.

Although, he’s still likely to broadcast on the streaming platform before that, even if just to chat with fans.