Mizkif stunned as Mariachi band takes over his Twitch stream

. 2 years ago
Mizkif (Twitch)

Popular Twitch streamer Matthew ‘Mizkif’ Rinaudo lapped up every second of a surprise visit from a Mariachi band during his February 16 Twitch stream.

Having just celebrated his 25th birthday on February 14, Mizkif’s girlfriend, Maya Higa, decided to extend the frolics by bringing the party to their home.

After streaming a birthday gift opening in front of his Twitch following, Higa had one more trick up her sleeve to ensure that this would be birthday Rinaudo would never forget.

Mizkif's Twitch stream.
Mizkif (Twitch)
Mizkif’s birthday stream was a barrel of laughs, bringing hours of entertainment to his audience.

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While trying to find fellow Twitch streamers to play Monopoly with, Maya and Dimitri ‘GreekGodx’ Antonatos entered the 25-year-old’s room accompanied by the Mexican band.

Antonatos came in with open arms and embraced Mizkif, before breaking out into a dance with his fellow Twitch streamer.

Rinaudo proceeded to prance around with Greek (even jumping into his arms), until he got the whole squad involved.

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After their opening song, the Mariachi band were tasked with playing a fan-favored number called ‘Brasil.’ Much to Mizkif and co’s amazement, the band knew the song’s riff.

Each of Mizkif’s friends had their time in the spotlight, as they took center stage during different parts of the song.

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Overall, Maya’s surprise proved to be a success as the band stuck around for another song, which GreekGod even busted some moves to.

Maya looked on at Greek’s moves in amazement, as he swung his hips to the beat of the song. The pair even cracked out some iconic Fortnite moves, much to the amusement of Rinaudo’s Twitch chat.

After the brief intermission, Miz finally managed to get stuck into some Monopoly and it was business as usual for the remainder of the birthday stream.

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