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Here’s why Charli D’Amelio’s Instagram account has been deleted

Published: 15/May/2020 12:51 Updated: 15/May/2020 13:22

by Jacob Hale


In the early hours of Friday, May 15, Charli D’Amelio’s Instagram page mysteriously completely disappeared, and nobody was quite sure why – but now we know.

D’Amelio is TikTok’s most-followed star, with over 50 million followers on the platform and, most likely, career prospects that will keep her set up for life.

Naturally, with such a huge online presence, her popularity expands to other social media platforms too and has amassed over 18 million followers on Instagram, but now the account doesn’t exist at all thanks to a huge mishap.

Instagram: charlidamelio
Charli has built a huge following on Instagram as well as TikTok.

Although at first fans were absolutely baffled, the air was quickly cleared by Charli’s mother, Heidi, in a funny tweet that really shows exactly what kind of people the D’Amelio family are.


Saying that she was woken up at 4am by a mixture of laughing and crying, Heidi says she found the noise coming from Charli herself, obviously in hysterics as she managed to accidentally delete her own Instagram account.

Following it up with a simple “love you CharChar,” Heidi and her family clearly aren’t that concerned about the matter, and will probably be expecting to rectify it as soon as possible.

Charli herself hasn’t yet commented on the accident, though she did put out a tweet shortly after simply saying that she’s “not the brightest.”

So it’s clear that Charli, somehow, managed to delete her own Instagram account and the 18m followers that came with it. When she can get it back, or if she even can at all, remains a mystery.


Judging by how lighthearted both Charli and Heidi are speaking of the incident suggests it will be rectified in the long run, but fans might have to wait a little longer before any Charli content hits their Instagram feed again.