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Heath Hussar wraps Lamborghini from David Dobrik with crazy design

Published: 1/Mar/2020 17:26 Updated: 1/Mar/2020 17:29

by Andy Williams


Popular YouTuber Heath Hussar wrapped his gifted Lamborghini from David Dobrik in a Talladega Nights livery, paying homage to Will Ferrell’s NASCAR hit film.

Hussar and Dobrik are no strangers to performing weird and wonderful stunts for their respective YouTube channels.

David has built up quite a reputation for gifting cars to his close friends, which usually make for some pretty incredible reactions. Hussar’s was arguably the biggest of them all.

Dobrik gives Hussar a Lamborghini.
David Dobrik (YouTube)
Heath Hussar was reduced to tears after David Dobrik gifted him a Lamborghini.

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Given that Heath Hussar is one of the original members of David’s ‘Vlog Squad,’ Dobrik decided to splash out on a supercar for his close friend in Summer of 2019.


After sitting on the car for almost six months, however, Hussar decided to exchange the glossy blue exterior for something that NASCAR fans will be all too familiar with.

Ripped straight off Talladega Nights’ flagship Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, Hussar gave his Lambo a fresh lick of paint that Ricky Bobby would be envious of.

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David’s gift has featured in a number of Heath’s YouTube videos, which is why plenty of his faithful following were shocked when Hussar announced that he’d temporarily let go of his beloved supercar on February 18.

However, after over a week of anticipation, the 26-year-old revealed his new look and his friends’ reactions were priceless.


The big reveal didn’t quite go as planned, however, as quite a few members of the Vlog Squad failed to pick up on the reference from the 2006 movie.

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Nonetheless, while Hussar’s friends couldn’t quite absorb the Lambo’s new wrap in all of its glory, Heath proceeded to pull-off the iconic Well Ferrell pose from his Instagram followers.

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If you ain’t FIRST, you’re LAST!

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Heck, the car wrap was even complete with Bobby’s trademark line of “I wanna go fast” under the spoiler.

Although Mariah Amato revealed that there is one nuance to Hussar’s Lambo wrap… He can remove the NASCAR–esque stickers, which are currently sitting on top of a slick, all-black wrap.