Hasan hits back at “psychotic” accusations against him by Lavlune: “Complete fabrication”

Lavlune and hasanInstagram: Lavlune / Twitch: Hasan

Twitch streamer Hasan has responded to an allegation made against him by fellow streamer Lavlune, who claimed that he “slept with” a 17-year-old. Hasan has said that the allegation is false and “psychotic.”

On November 14, Lavlune’s allegation in a Discord message against Hasan was shown on a livestream from ChudLogic. The clip showing it quickly spread and has amassed over 150,000 views at the time of writing.

However, the allegation was also quickly met with skepticism, largely due to the Destiny community – another streamer who has quarreled with Lavlune in the past.

Hasan calls allegations “insane”

Responding during his stream, Hasan was keen not to give the claims too much attention. “I will not be addressing [this] any further,” he began.

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“I talked to the person, she was very upset that this psycho came and was making insane [claims].

“I’ll just say it like this, the accusations are insane, but also on top of that, but given who the person is, the accusations are so psychotic, that it would make mainstream news. And this person would probably get sued, for a lot of money, not by me by the way, for making this sh*t up.”

Hasan then suggested that Lavlune had “massaged” the numbers, before stating that the woman was in fact 19, not 17.

“Every single person involved in this has openly stated, ‘this is f**king bullsh*t’ […] She decided to massage it a little bit so she could slander me, with a crime.”

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Hasan also criticized Lavlune, arguing that her accusation “makes it so that other people have an even harder time believing women, when they come out – on their own. When you weaponize sh*t like this, and lie, so transparently lie, you’re literally f**king it up.”

On Twitter, Lavlune responded, saying that she knew it was “legal” but that Hasan had “freaked out” about age gap relationships in the past, which is why she made the comment.

On Patreon, Lavlune said she would no longer be streaming, possibly indefinitely. She also addressed the drama with Destiny, and her allegation against Hasan.

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“Hasan Piker slept with my very young friend when he was not so young. It was legal. But he’s denounced men publically for doing much less. I don’t care about it,” Lavlune wrote. “It was legal. I barely cared. I only bring it up because of the way Steven held it over me. Hasan did nothing illegal. Probably nothing immoral either.”

Lavlune concluded her post, “But I am free. The cycle continues, but I am not in it.”