Gross Gore reveals how trolls cost him £9,000 sponsorship deal

Gross Gore, Twitter

Popular Twitch streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen is battling his haters, once again — but this time, he’s revealed that they’ve cost him more than just a peaceful online experience.

Larsen has dealt with multiple instances of harassment from internet trolls in the past, experiencing everything from faked screenshots of racist DMs to even receiving oodles of unwanted food to his home address.

However, his latest stint with haters comes at quite a hefty price point, as revealed during a broadcast on February 22.

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The streamer paused his Runescape session to announce why he’d banned all the trolls in his Discord channel, claiming that they’d pulled a stunt that seriously affected him on the business end of his career.

According to Gross Gore, he’d been partnered with a company known as PartyPoker, an online card room where users can play poker with other enthusiasts in a virtual setting.
Streamer “Gross Gore” claimed that online trolls were behind the end of his partnership with online poker site “PartyPoker.”

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This seemingly profitable partnership has since been allegedly disbanded, as Larsen claimed that his horde of online trolls had actually prompted the company to pull out of their deal after making a number of fake reviews for the site.

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That’s not all; the partnership was purportedly worth a whopping £9,000, leaving the streamer high and dry without any cash to show for his business deal.

“I was sponsored by PartyPoker, and they’ve dropped me, because the hate group decided to make 50 fake reviews on Google,” he explained. “And they dropped me because of it.”

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That wasn’t the end of his explanation: the streamer also revealed that he wasn’t the only one affected by the faked reviews, claiming that his middleman and friend Ryan likewise missed out on some significant cash.

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“You are all permanently banned in this chat, because you just f**king cost me nine grand,” he continued. “Not just me. You cost my middleman two grand, and you’ve cost Ryan, who doesn’t even f**king have a job, who has no money in his bank account… that three and a half grand would have set him up to go to TwitchCon and to buy a new car.”

Although Gross Gore’s issues with haters have taken extreme measures in the past, this one takes the cake — and £9,000 in profits, too.

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