Greekgodx brutally roasts xQc’s Twitch viewers with “poggers” impression - Dexerto

Greekgodx brutally roasts xQc’s Twitch viewers with “poggers” impression

Published: 16/Feb/2020 1:41

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos took an opportunity to poke fun at his friend Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel’s fans on the platform during an IRL stream where he stumbled upon an ample supply of helium.

While Twitch streamer Nmplol cooked away in the kitchen, Greek, making a guest appearance, hit the helium before doing his best impression of a Fortnite player and xQc fan.

“Hey, what’s up, guys! Let’s play some Fortnite, yay!” Greek screeched. “Oh my god, xQc’s live! Oh slap the desk! Slap the desk mate, poggers.”

As if the poor xQc fans in chat hadn’t had enough, Greek continued on with the helium bit throughout the stream, keeping them on their toes.


After even more helium a little later on, the streamer took aim at xQc fan’s habit of clipping everything and anything the former OWL pro does during his stream.

“Dude, it’s about 10 minutes and xQc’s live dude, did you clip it yesterday?” Greek asked his partner in crime. “I shipped it, clipped it, sent it to xQc and he watched it dude, ezclap.”

xQc and Greek have become good friends during their time on Twitch, so the jabs will probably be taken lightly, like they’re definitely meant to.

As far as Twitch chats go, xQc’s is one of the most infamous on the platform, and some still claim they were partly responsible for his early retirement from the Overwatch League.


But, there’s no definitive proof of any of that and as it stands xQc currently has one of the largest communities on Twitch at the moment.

xQc finished out 2019 with one of the most popular channels on Twitch, so he and his fans probably don’t mind the shoutout from Greek at all.