Gordon Ramsay goes viral on TikTok after getting ambushed by fan with a gift

Gordon Ramsay reacts to fan in TikTok videoTIKTOK: GORDONRAMSAYOFFICIAL

Gordon Ramsay’s most recent TikTok video has gone viral, after a fan approached him with an unusual gift.

In the viral clip, Ramsay is seen enjoying dinner at a restaurant in Scotland, until a starstruck fan approached him with a life-size cardboard cutout of the chef, asking him to “sign himself.”

Ramsay was clearly taken aback by the bizarre encounter, as he asked the fan “What are you doing? What in the f*** are you doing? Where did you get that from?”

The fan in the video, which has garnered over 2.6 million views, responds “My mates bought me it as a shrine.”

A person off-screen was then heard asking Ramsay if he was flattered, to which Ramsay shook his head and replied “No,” causing diners to erupt in laughter.

However, despite the TV chef having his dinner interrupted, he still didn’t hesitate to sign the fan’s unusual “shrine.”

TikTok users react to Gordon Ramsay’s hilarious fan encounter

The hilarious video, captioned “I was just trying to have a nice #Dinner in #Glasgow when this happened…..” has over 300,000 likes on TikTok, as fans were loving Ramsay’s reaction to the fan.

“Was really nice of Gordon to sign it instead of telling him to get lost!” one user commented.

“I like how he’s wearing the exact same outfit lmao I’m pretty sure he owns hundreds of versions of that outfit” another user wrote, pointing out that Ramsay’s outfit on the cardboard cutout is similar to what he was wearing at the restaurant.

“So he was just out eating with a cardboard cutout of Gordon Ramsay” someone else added.

Ramsay is currently in Scotland, filming his ‘Future Food Stars’ series. Earlier this month, he had viral moment on YouTube, when he made a surprise appearance in a MrBeast video.