GeorgeNotFound trends as fans discover he looks exactly like Zayn Malik & Shawn Mendes

georgenotfound trending on twitterTwitch: GeorgeNotFound

The Minecraft community are no strangers to putting their heroes in the limelight, and this time they’ve got GeorgeNotFound trending online after an accidental hairstyle drew comparisons to pop heartthrobs Zayn Malik and Shawn Mendes.

Minecraft stans are able to influence the internet way more than many fan groups are, with a huge, super-interactive base of followers that will always show love and discuss their favorite streamers or content creators.

For that reason, you’ll often see the biggest ones, such as Dream or TommyInnit, trending on social media for various reasons, be it big news or something completely bizarre and out there.

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This one falls into the latter category, with fans both drooling over George’s new look and making memes about Malik and Mendes when they wake up to see why their names have been trending too.

Many users posted tweets similar to the following, asking “When did Zayn Malik start streaming on Twitch?”

Some also made jokes about how confused Zayn and Shawn would be when they see their names trending online.

Others see the irony in the situation, such as Petra who noted that the award-winning artists were trending “because of a Minecraft streamer who didn’t even mention their names himself.”

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Needless to say, it’s absolutely absurd the power that one strand of hair can have when it comes to the internet, and George will no doubt find the response insane.

That said, there are definitely worse celebrities to be compared to, so he probably won’t be too mad about this one.