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Gabbie Hanna accused of “blackfishing” after dramatic YouTube return

Published: 19/Aug/2020 17:13 Updated: 19/Aug/2020 20:16

by Alice Hearing


Popular YouTuber and former Vine star Gabbie Hanna has been accused of “blackfishing” after dramatically returning to the internet from a 6-week hiatus.

On Tuesday, Gabbie revealed the reason behind her break from social media and went into detail about trauma she has suffered in the past in a 46-minute long video uploaded to YouTube.

In the video she discussed the reasons behind her “breakdown” and alluded to her relationship with Jessi “Smiles” Vasquez, mentioning an abusive friendship. Gabbie also mentioned being “shadow-banned” by YouTube, which the company denied in an interview with Insider.

Gabbie Hanna Instagram
Instagram: Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie posted a gallery of selfies to Instagram and Twitter upon her return

Towards the end of the video, she revealed that she would soon be releasing a single about Trish Paytas, an influencer with whom she’s feuded with for two years, saying: “the first single from my album is coming out next month…it was actually written about Trisha Paytas for Trisha Paytas, but I’ll talk about that and explain that in another video.”


In June and July, Gabbie Hanna became the subject of ridicule online after she began displaying concerning behavior. On June 29 Gabbie she tweeted: “I’m saying this again publicly out of fear. If something happens to me/my loved ones, it’s not an accident.”

To make matters worse Gabbie became a meme on TikTok after appearing on Box of Thoughts podcast episode where she quickly went from sounding angry to singing a song.

@humaira..rPut ?thé?finger?pull? the ? trigger? throw?them?off?your✊trail? ##fyp ##foryou ##singing ##gabbiehanna ##funny♬ original sound – humaira..r

Gabbie quickly disappeared from the internet, leading some people to even theorize that she was dead.

Now Gabbie has made a comeback, and alongside her explanation video, she posted a set of five selfies to her twitter and Instagram featuring a new bleach blonde bob and a heavy tan.


Several users on Twitter suggested she was “blackfishing”, a term used for when white women use makeup and tanning to look as though they have black ancestry.

One user tweeted in response, “Girl nooo oh my god not the tan, not blackface please,” which garnered more than 1,500 likes. Another person wrote, “Gabbie Hanna is blackfishing try to change my mind.”

Despite a break of over a month and taking the time to address the hate she has received, including death threats, Gabbie Hanna still can’t catch a break.