FouseyTUBE's Sold Out Show Evacuated and Cancelled Following Bomb Threat

by Ross Deason


FouseyTUBE’s sold out “Hate Dies, Love Arrives” show at the Greek Theatre was evacuated on Sunday night following a bomb threat.

According to reports, approximately 1,500 people were forced to leave the venue after someone made a call to the police and claimed to have placed an explosive device in the theater.


An investigation ensued and no such device was discovered, reportedly leading the Los Angeles Police Department to believe that this could have been a “swatting” incident.

Swatting involves a prank call that attempts to deceive emergency services into sending large numbers of armed police officers to a particular address.


One clip from theCHAIZYchannel’s video of the event has been circulating online and shows the moment where attendees were asked to leave the venue and were ushered along by police officers.

Fousey Event Cancelled Because of a Bomb Threat. Possibly Callers from r/LivestreamFail


Yousef ‘Fousey’ Eraket’s posted a video to his Instagram channel where he discussed not being able to get into his show which, according to reports, was sold out:

The popular YouTuber followed this up with another post some hours later, saying that he knows there is a lot of “confusion and miscommunication right now” and claiming that his loyal fans could be fed a “false narrative”: