Fight erupts after TikToker cuts in line of 40-minute queue for a drink

viral tiktokTikTok: des.self

In a viral TikTok, an influencer was called out after cutting in line during the Nashville Ball for drinks, where the customers were supposedly waiting for over 40 minutes. The confrontation resulted in a physical fight between two women.

Fights and confrontations posted on TikTok tend to go viral, as people love watching drama that they’re not directly involved in. And on January 3, a TikTok user recorded such an instance while watching from the sidelines.

The camera person watched from afar, while an alleged influencer cut straight ahead in line, where customers were waiting for over 40 minutes to buy drinks. Another woman saw the person cut, and confronted the influencer, who she believed to be incredibly rude.

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The woman who cut in line began filming the other, attempting to create content out of the situation. But this move backfired, after she yelled out “I am obnoxiously beautiful, you ugly f**king b**ch. I will beat you the f**k up,” and continued to mock the other woman.

At this point, the crowd was very clearly against the influencer, and the woman confronting the TikToker, who supposedly boasted about having over 70,000 followers, yanked at the influencer’s hair. The TikToker throws her beer out of frustration, ironically wasting the very product she cut in line for.

After being physically confronted for her insincere actions and empty threats, the Tiktoker flees the scene with her friends.

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Those watching the video clearly enjoyed the small altercation. “I wouldn’t have minded waiting hours for a drink if our line was this entertaining,” one user commented.

“This was so satisfying. I’m glad she wasted her beer she cut in line for by throwing it,” another added.