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Female Overwatch streamer has perfect comeback to sexist abuse

Published: 22/Jun/2019 23:39 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 18:00

by Virginia Glaze


Many online platforms suffer from toxic users, with gaming communities being one of them – and Overwatch is no exception, as seen during one female Twitch streamer’s broadcast of the popular game.

Twitch streamer ‘nweatherservice’ was in the middle of a game of Overwatch when she was teamed up with a toxic male player, who quickly turned to insults after being turned down by the streamer.


“So… me and you?” the teammate asked, as if insinuating that the two would “hook up.”

However, ‘nweatherservice’ wasn’t down with his proposition, and promptly denied his request, saying, “I’m good. I’ll pass.”


Her teammate apparently didn’t care to take no for an answer, replying with a vicious insult: “You sound fat, anyways.”

That wasn’t the end of his tirade, by far: he went on to ask the streamer how much she weighed, much to the apparent embarrassment of another teammate on voice chat.

“How much do you weigh?” he asked.


“Oh my god, dude,” the third teammate interrupted. “Let’s just drop this and play the game.”

‘Nweatherservice’ wasn’t just going to “drop” the abuse, though, and returned his insults in kind, replying with, “How many kills have you gotten? Oh, wait.”

Despite her brilliant comeback, the player continued to harass her – which led to a sick burn from another female player on their team.


“How many kills do you have?” the toxic player asked.

“Dude, if you could, for like three f*cking seconds, shut the f*ck up,” the other, female player replied.


“You sound fat as f*ck, too,” the player retorted.

“Yeah, dude, I’m f*ckin’ huge.”

“None of you are as fat as me, though,” another male player interjected. “I think I’m the fattest one out of all of us.”

In spite of the blatant abuse she suffered on stream, ‘nweatherservice’ explained that she merely has to “mute, report, and move on” from such harassment.


“Btw, I am the streamer,” she said in a Reddit thread documenting the interaction. “Hello. Just have to mute, report and move on.”

Many commenters came out in support of the streamer’s reaction to her toxic teammate, and, while harassment runs rampant in many online communities, the encouragement ‘nweatherservice’ received shines a positive light on an otherwise bleary debacle.


David Dobrik calls police after “scary” stalker keys his assistant’s car

Published: 8/Oct/2020 23:46

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star David Dobrik is one of the internet’s most famous content creators — but living in the limelight isn’t always a cake walk, as he discovered after one of his viewers began stalking his home.

Boasting well over 18 million subscribers on YouTube, it comes as little surprise that Dobrik receives the occasional unwanted visitor at his house, which has happened several times before.


However, this latest incident took a dark turn, as revealed during an episode of Dobrik and Jason Nash’s ‘VIEWS’ podcast in early October where the star revealed one viewer took things a little too far.

During the episode, Dobrik explained that the fan — a young woman in her “early twenties” — had sat outside of his home on the street curb for two days before banging on the door, yelling his name.

David Dobrik speaks to the camera.
YouTube: David Dobrik
In an episode of his VIEWS podcast with Jason Nash, David Dobrik revealed a disturbing encounter with a woman who was stalking him.

After Dobrik went outside to investigate, he reported that the viewer suffered from appeared to be a “panic attack” and quickly shouted “Nevermind, you can’t help me,” before “storming” out of his driveway.

Understandably concerned, Dobrik and company followed the woman, to no avail — but a day later, a neighbor texted the YouTuber that someone had keyed his assistant, Natalie’s, Ford Bronco.

The vehicle (pictured below) was etched with symbols, according to Dobrik, which included his name written in odd lettering.


Upon investigating the car, David found that the woman was nearby, claiming she wanted to “apologize” — but quickly became what he described as “scary,” prompting him to call law enforcement for help in case things got sticky.

Luckily, the star was adamant that he didn’t want to “get her in trouble” but instead wanted her to “get help,” to which she agreed.


While waiting on the police to arrive, Dobrik asked the woman why she’d stalked him, to which she replied: “He told me to just go for it.”

As for who “he” was? Dobrik claimed she said it was “the guy inside my head,” who told her that “if I came here, everything would be answered.”


Thankfully, the police were “super f**king nice” when they arrived and took the woman to a hospital, prompting a hilarious chat with an officer who advised Dobrik to change his name on social media — something he replied he was a “little late” for.

While this is far from the first time an internet celebrity has been outright stalked, it’s good to know that this situation ended peacefully, with Dobrik understanding that his stalker didn’t have bad intentions, but merely needed help.