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FaZe Censor officially reveals new girlfriend after months of speculation

Published: 21/Jul/2019 23:47 Updated: 21/Jul/2019 23:53

by Virginia Glaze


Former Call of Duty pro and current content creator Doug ‘Censor’ Martin parted ways with the “world’s sexist weathergirl” Yanet Garcia in summer of 2018, leading to worldwide backlash at their split – but now, Censor has finally revealed his latest squeeze, after teasing his beau in a prior video.

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While Censor kept relatively quiet about his new relationship on the outset, he later admitted that he was, indeed, dating someone, later claiming that he hoped to keep their relationship private following the massive scandal that was his last relationship.

However, things weren’t kept under wraps for long – Censor accidentally showed the lock screen of his phone during a video on June 9, which featured the YouTuber posing with a dark-haired young woman on a beach.


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Censor, YouTubeCensor accidentally showcased his new girlfriend during a video in June – leading to intense speculation across the net as to who was his new squeeze.

Fans were quick to point out this fact, with Censor confirming that the woman was, indeed, his new girlfriend – although he didn’t officially reveal her to the world until very recently.

Censor finally showed Marylin’s face in a video on July 21, where the couple addressed their relationship and admitted that they have been together for a year.

“The last thing I want to do in terms of a relationship is bring a camera around with me and vlog what I’m doing,” Censor said of his social media silence on the subject. “That wouldn’t make our relationship work.”


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That’s not all: Censor likewise posted an Instagram photo with Marylin that same day, showing the two smiling for the camera with palm trees in the background.

“Hey guys, I’ve been dating this beautiful woman named Marilyn and I just wanted to show you guys,” Censor captioned the image.

Censor, InstagramCensor has finally revealed his new girlfriend, after months of keeping their relationship under wraps.
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Although fans are largely pleased with this development, some critics can’t help but compare Censor’s new girlfriend to Yanet Garcia, who Censor allegedly broke things off with due to money issues.

According to Censor, Garcia wanted a cut of his YouTube revenue due to appearing in his vlogs and thumbnails, ultimately leading to irreparable tension between the two.


Yanet Garcia, InstagramYanet poses with her new amore, former football pro Lewis Howes.
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While Garcia is now dating former American football pro Lewis Howes, it looks like Censor has found a new romance, as well, and is finally willing to share his love life with the world despite his initial fears.