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Minecraft streamer trolls viewers with live house “break-in”

Published: 17/Nov/2019 1:11

by Brent Koepp


A Polish Minecraft streamer’s broadcast was interrupted abruptly when a group of masked men broke into his house and attacked him during his stream, leaving fans confused and concerned for his safety – but it was all a prank.

Streaming is unpredictable  as it’s as live as it gets, which means some broadcasts can pick up the unthinkable. From a streamer being car-jacked, to many getting swatted, we’ve unfortunately seen it all.

However a Polish Minecraft player’s November 16 broadcast alarmed many on social media sites like Reddit, when a handful of men wearing masks barged their way into his room, and attack the streamer before carrying him off.


Fans were left wondering about the safety of the online personality, while some even speculated that the whole thing could be a hoax straight off the bat – which it was.

YouTube: Bagietka MichaelThe Polish streamer was broadcasting Minecraft on YouTube when he was attacked.

Streamer trolls viewers with break-in hoax

YouTuber ‘Bagietka Michael‘ was streaming Minecraft on the video-hosting platform when thirty minutes into the broadcast, he looked up to a loud noise to the right of the screen. A man was then seen to emerge from behind him, who then pushed the streamer into another man to the right.

Screams and other inaudible noises were soon heard as the streamer was thrown onto the bed, where one of the men hit him before a struggle ensued between the online personality and his assailant. The group of four men were all wearing masks of sorts that obscured their faces.


As the attack went on, the Minecraft streamer was then dragged off the bed by his leg, where he hit the floor before the group of men each grabbed a part of his body, and lifted and carried him out of the room against his will.

The streamer could be heard crying out in pain as they hit him, and continued to take him out of the room. A couple of the attackers doubled back once the streamer and the other men had left the shot, and appeared to search for something.

One of them then looked into the camera, perhaps unaware that it was being streamed live online to a plethora of concerned viewers who were concerned for the streamer’s safety.


It was a prank

The clip first began to blow up when it showed up on Reddit’s LiveStreamFail subreddit. While some were concerned for the streamer, others cast their doubts about the incident, predicting that the whole thing was “staged” and a hoax.

Bagietka Michael later returned to his YouTube broadcast to confirm that the whole thing was a joke, much to the relief of fans who were worried about the streamer’s wellbeing.