Fans are debating how Taylor Swift swam under the stage during her concert

Noah Glenn Carter explains Taylor Swift's concert entreance trickTikTok: @noahglenncarter

Taylor Swift started off the Eras Tour with a bang, or a dive to be more precise, that left the fans arguing on the internet as to how the star pulled the trick off.

Taylor Swift began the concert by taking a dive headfirst straight into the stage as if it was a swimming pool, disappearing underneath and swimming to the other side of the hall.

Fans and random viewers alike are now debating how the stunt actually works. Noah Glenn Carter made a TikTok that provided an answer, but his explanation was quickly brought into question.

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“Today I learned how Taylor Swift swims across her stage. So Taylor Swift is currently on tour and she has this really cool effect where she swims across the stage. After seeing this I was very curious as to how she managed to pull this effect off,” said Noah in his TikTok.

He then proceeded to explain that a “rocket sled” pulls her while showing a video of Taylor with the contraption. The comment section exploded with users explaining that the video is from her tour that took place years ago and that she is currently employing some other trick to pull off the entrance.

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Fans argue over how Taylor Swift pulled off concert entrance

And so, theory crafting and searching for the answers began. Some of the users under Noah’s TikTok argue that the “rocket sled” shown in Noah’s video is too dangerous for the current stunt.

“That clip with the rocket sled is from the Reputation tour, not this tour. She might still use that but no way she’s landed on that padding,” said one user, referring to the fact that Taylor dove face first under the stage and the old sled would not fully protect her from such a dive.

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Other fans scoff at the idea that she developed some completely new tech or trick just for this tour.

“She’s not gonna use brand new technology every single tour. It’s the same thing with obviously more padding,” commented another user.

It seems like fans of Taylor Swift and stage “magic” tricks will have to wait for some kind of documentary or behind-the-scenes of her Eras Tour.

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