ExtraEmily trolls xQc and he immediately turns the tables on her

ExtraEmily trolls xQc and he immediately turns the tables on herTwitch: ExtraEmily

Twitch star ExtraEmily called xQc with the intention of trolling him, but he managed to quickly turn the tables on her.

ExtraEmily and xQc had a couple of run-ins and collabs over the course of the current year. Such as when ExtraEmily elbow dropped a cake meant for xQc after finding out Love or Host was just “for content.”

The mentioned live stream show hosted by AutinShow on Twitch was the genesis for many of their other interactions and mixing of their fanbases.

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On her April 19 livestream, ExtraEmily was convinced by her viewers to call Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, with some chat members joking “he misses you.”

After mulling it over for a couple of minutes Emily decided to call him on Discord with a devious prank in mind, but it quickly backfired when xQc one-upped her.

ExtraEmily calls xQc but it does not go as planned

ExtraEmily picked up a suggestion to call xQc, ask if he wants to play Devour, and then say “Devour these nuts.”

When she did just that Felix taunted and questioned “Is that the best you got?” Before stating that he was playing a game of “Mabona.”

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Confused by his question, Emily immediately asked what that is, to which xQc replied: “My balls bit**es”.

After the humourous exchange, Emily wished X a nice day and thanked him for picking up before hanging up erupting into laughter in disbelief that xQc actually picked up her call in the first place.

The pair have proven to be comedic whenever they link up, so its no shock that fans want more of them as a duo.

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