Eugenia Cooney shares heartwarming reaction to Shane Dawson documentary

Eugenia Cooney next to Shane DawsonShane Dawson, YouTube

Controversial YouTuber Eugenia Cooney stirred up concern across the internet in early February, after uploading a cosplay video that showed her body in a near-skeletal state: and, although she took a lengthy social media hiatus following the backlash, she’s finally back, thanks to longtime YouTuber Shane Dawson.

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Shane Dawson’s long-awaited documentary series finally dropped on July 19, after months of relative radio silence that had some fans wondering if he was going to cover such subjects as a “haunted hotel.”

However, there are no ghosts in Dawson’s latest upload: instead, he decided to document the transformation of Eugenia Cooney, who has been a subject of controversy throughout her YouTube career due to an apparent eating disorder – one that she heavily denied.

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Eugenia Cooney, YouTubeEugenia Cooney’s Kingdom Hearts cosplay incited backlash online, with fans and critics alike begging her to seek help for an apparent eating disorder.

Cooney addressed the concern around her health during a series of conversations with Dawson throughout his video, where she admitted to suffering from an eating disorder that she declined to officially label.

“I guess like, before, there would be times where I realized, ‘Hey, I’m not eating enough, I really should be taking better care of myself,’” she said of the matter. “…I guess it’s like smoking or something, where people kind of know, ‘I should stop this.’”

(Timestamp: 35:43 for mobile viewers)

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Despite the heavy-hitting content, Dawson’s documentary was met with critical acclaim, reaching the number one spot on YouTube’s trending page and seeing a wave of support toward Cooney – a development that saw her post an emotional Tweet shortly thereafter.

“Seeing so much support is making me cry,” she wrote of the video. “…It’s been a really difficult year and it’s a hard journey, but if I can overcome my demons, know that you can too. Love you all.”

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Cooney’s recovery made waves across the net after her hairdresser posted a photo of the YouTuber to Instagram in early June, which had many fans hoping that the picture denoted her ongoing recovery.

Edward Tricomi, InstagramA photo surfaced of Eugenia Cooney in early June, prompting optimistic speculation across the net as to her recovery.

With Cooney on the mend and finally back online, it looks like things are truly turning around for the 24-year-old content creator, who is back to uploading YouTube videos as of June 20 – a development that her fans are overjoyed to hear.