Ellie Zeiler hints at joining Hype House rival Clubhouse in new TikTok - Dexerto

Ellie Zeiler hints at joining Hype House rival Clubhouse in new TikTok

Published: 9/Jun/2020 11:16

by Jacob Hale


A new TikTok posted by popular creator Ellie Zeiler has got people thinking, and it looks like she might be joining the Clubhouse in the future.

The Clubhouse is similar to the Hype House and Sway LA as it brings together some of the top names on TikTok to collaborate and create videos together. Ran by former Hype House founder Daisy Keech, the collective is also home to the likes of Abby Rao and Isaak Presley.

While looking to contend with the likes of the Hype House, Keech seems to be still recruiting for the ensemble, and it looks like the next new member might be Ellie Zeiler, who has been the center of some drama with Charli D’Amelio after being accused of copying her.


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Instagram: elliezeiler
Zeiler has not been part of any TikTok group yet, despite drawing similarities to top creator Charli D’Amelio.

With that said, it looks like Zeiler has found refuge in a content hub, and although it’s not the Hype House, the Clubhouse is definitely on the come-up after its formation in December 2019.

So, let’s take a look at Zeiler’s mysterious new TikTok, which many fans are taking as proof that she’s on her way to the LA mansion.

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In the below video, Zeiler is seen in what looks to be outside the Clubhouse, and fans will recognize the exterior, though it could have just been a coincidence at first.


@elliezeiler@sebastiantopete @isaakpresley♬ Hi again – callumwinsbury

What can’t be disputed, though, is that it becomes much more clear when two other TikTok stars join the fray: Sebastian Topete and Isaak Presley, both Clubhouse members, jump into the video to join in.

With 4.4 million followers, Zeiler would be the second most-followed member of Clubhouse if she were to join, behind only Keech herself. So, it is obvious to = see why this works out for both parties, and it could make for some fun videos coming out of the house.