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Dua Lipa surprises 80-year-old fan who went viral on TikTok for concert ticket reaction

Published: 5/Mar/2022 14:18

by Georgina Smith


On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Dua Lipa surprised an 80-year-old fan who went viral on TikTok with his reaction to being gifted tickets to her concert.

One type of content that often ends up going viral on TikTok, is wholesome videos of people surprising friends and family members with heartwarming news or amazing gifts.

TikTok user Kadie Bernstein went viral in 2021 when she surprised her grandpa, Papa Richy, who loves singer Dua Lipa, with tickets to her concert for his 80th birthday.

His reaction was incredible, and it didn’t take long for it to go viral on the app, with almost two million likes at the time of writing.


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@kadiebernstein Happy birthday Grandpa! @Dua Lipa your oldest fan!! #dualipa #birthday #fyp #surpise #grandpa #OneSliceChallenge #StudentSectionSauce ♬ Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

Then in an episode of The Tonight Show at the start of March, Jimmy Fallon helped Dua Lipa to surprise Papa Richy in person, and fans are loving it.

Jimmy revealed that they reached out to him pretending they were a radio station, and told him that he’d won a contest for the best TikTok video of the year.

They then flew him and his granddaughter to the studio and surprised him by leading him onto the set in the middle of the show, to his astonishment.

His reaction to meeting Dua Lipa in person was amazing, they even got to make his dream of dancing with her come true.


Fans absolutely loved seeing the wholesome interaction, with one commenter writing: “That was absolutely soooo adorable!!! So happy that sweet man got one of his dreams to come true.”

Another wrote: “We have to protect precious Papa Richy at ALL costs!!! He’s beyond adorable!!!!”

Kadie even went on to reveal Richy’s reaction to Dua posting about him on her Instagram, which fans loved even more.