Drew Gooden roasts Ninja’s “underwhelming” MasterClass after failing to launch streaming career

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YouTuber Drew Gooden recently delved into the world of streaming using Ninja’s ‘How to be a Streamer’ MasterClass, but he didn’t find the results were worth the price of admission.

The internet offers an endless number of online courses ranging from 10-minute YouTube tutorials to a degree’s worth of paid college classes. But that means there’s also a bottomless supply of subpar cash grab courses from celebrities and internet personalities.

YouTuber Drew Gooden is known for buying questionable products and occasionally changing up his lifestyle for content. A few months ago he attempted to live a healthier life according to Tom Brady, which resulted in a month of suffering with little results.

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Now, Gooden has taken it into his own hands to put Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ streaming MasterClass to the test. The paid course that Ninja launched in March of 2022 was previously in the crosshairs of the streaming community for giving advice that might make viewers feel uncomfortable.

Ninja-explains-why-streaming-less-1024x576Ninja launched a MasterClass for streaming in March of 2022.

Drew Gooden fails at streaming after taking Ninja’s class

On July 31, Drew Gooden uploaded the video titled “I took Ninja’s MasterClass and it ruined my life.” In which, Gooden took Blevins’ “month-long” course that promises to help students build their streaming presence.

In the first portion of Gooden’s video, he critiques the course calling it “underwhelming” and that it felt like there was a “general lack of caring from anyone involved.” From the editing to the advice given to Ninja’s frequent trailing off, Gooden quickly began to question whether the course was worth the $180 entry fee.

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On the positive side, Good felt that the course was frontloaded with helpful information regarding necessary equipment, setups for different price ranges, and how to set up OBS. But the back “half” of the course didn’t contain any real substance.

The second half of the course was intended to teach streamers how to interact with their viewers and grow their audience. But Gooden showcased how it was essentially a highlight reel of Ninja’s greatest accomplishments that are unattainable for anyone new to streaming. But after the course, Gooden put all offerings to the test.

Launching a new Twitch channel with zero promotion on his social media pages, Gooden – using the moniker ‘scoliosisking’ – went live for his first stream. His first seven streams would each last around 1-2 hours, and during that time he would gain a single follower.

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For his eighth broadcast, Gooden decided to go big with a 24-hour live stream playing a variety of games, dying his hair “Ninja blue”, and ending the spectacle with no followers gained.

He revealed that ‘scoliosisking’ has streamed for a total of 40 hours across eight streams. During which 25-30 unique viewers popped in (normally for a few seconds at most) with three of them using chat (one of which was a scam bot). With a work-week’s worth of streaming and $180 down the drain, Gooden walked away from Twitch with a single follower.

Drew concluded by urging those who want to learn from ‘Ninja’ to simply watch his live broadcasts. While other MasterClasses are from unique perspectives you can’t get anywhere else, the best way to learn how to be a streamer is just to watch streamers at work.

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