Ninja roasted by Twitch streamers over his “masterclass” streaming guide

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The world’s most popular gamer and streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has come under heat after giving bad advice in his streaming MasterClass guide.

On March 7, Twitch’s most famed broadcaster with over 17.5M followers on the platform unveiled his brand-new online learning course.

The 30-day curriculum hosted on MasterClass helps anybody learn the ins and outs of streaming, and how to grow their online presence – all taught by the world’s best.

However, Ninja has come under fire for the “bad” advice given in the course that other creators claim would be detrimental instead of beneficial.

Ninja roasted over Twitch streaming “masterclass” tips

Ninja has over 17 million followers on Twitch.

In a March 16 tweet, Twitch creator blizzb3ar reacted to Ninja’s guide on how to become a streamer, roasting his tips.

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Ninja’s MasterClass session explained how having the viewer list open when starting out and interacting when you see a new viewer is a good way to grab their attention.

However, other creators warned to not take the advice given by the streaming star. “Don’t you ever, and look at me when I say this. Don’t you ever f**king do that,” blizzb3ar warned.

“People have social anxiety online. Believe it or not, I’m one of those people. I lurk everywhere. I tend to know what people are doing all the time because that’s what I do. I just like being in chats looking at my friends being successful. Do not open the viewer list!”

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“Legitimately if I had someone call me out of a viewer list I would never come back ever,” one user replied.

Another user added: “The majority of my social anxiety is gone but, if someone did this, I would simply leave and never come back.

Twitch Ambassador Steve Saylor also got involved in the conversation and agreed with the creators: “Do not ‘shout out’ viewers who are either lurking or just watching. It’s awkward for everyone,” said the ambassador. “Especially if they are there to just vibe and support you with a view.

If they chat then great say hi. But, don’t call someone out if they haven’t given you permission to.

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This isn’t Ninja’s first rodeo being roasted by the Twitch community. Streamer and Fortnite pro m60_ joked about the popular creator after finding his “Get Good: My Ultimate Guide To Gaming” from a dollar store.

While Ninja’s advice may have worked for him, it certainly won’t work for everybody, so it’s probably best to take some guidance with a grain of salt.