Dream’s cat Patches goes viral with over 100k followers on new Twitter account

Twitter: @dreamsecretclub

YouTube star ‘Dream’ has gone viral on Twitter once again — or, rather, his pet cat has, after the Minecraft content creator made a new Twitter account specifically dedicated to his furry friend.

At this point, it’s no surprise when the word ‘Dream’ begins to trend across Twitter. Dream is one of the internet’s most popular influencers right now, best known for his humorous Minecraft broadcasts and collaborative videos with other gaming YouTubers.

Dream is also noted for being a ‘faceless’ content creator, much like ‘Corpse Husband,’ and the intrigue surrounding his image has garnered him a massive fanbase, who often gets his name trending on social media over matters big and small.

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This time, though, it’s not due to a controversy or a new subscriber milestone… instead, it’s because Dream created a new Twitter account specifically for his pet cat, ‘Patches.’

dream black hoodie instagramInstagram: @dreamwastaken
Dream is one of the net’s most popular Minecraft content creators, and is best known for keeping his true identity a total secret.

The account, named ‘dreamsecretclub,’ currently contains only a few posts with photos of Patches and already boasts over 116,000 followers.

However, at the time of writing, Dream has unfortunately set the account to ‘private,’ meaning that only its followers can access photos of Patches that haven’t already circulated the net from those willing to repost them.

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That being said, this isn’t stopping his fans from fawning over his adorable feline, who have clogged the ‘patches’ search term on Twitter with pics of the tortoiseshell kitty.

Patches Dream catTwitter: @dreamsecretclub, @updatingpatches
Dream’s cat, Patches, has taken over social media after the YouTuber created a (now-private) Twitter account celebrating his furry friend.

“To all the people who kept wishing Dream made a side account where all he basically posted were Patches content… thank you for your effort,” one user wrote. “It all has led to this day.”

“Dream dropping a ton of Patches content out of nowhere makes my entire day,” another said.

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Still others have even made fan-art in honor of Patches — and we have to say, it’s pretty impressive!

This latest instance just further proves that the internet is definitely cat-crazy (as if that wasn’t already clear), and leaves fans wondering if the YouTuber will feature more Patches in any of his upcoming broadcasts.

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