Dream responds after imposter makes serious threats using his name and image

Dream's loog on a yellow background with the Soundcloud logoYouTube: Dream/SoundCloud

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has responded after someone impersonating him had been outed as threatening users on different social media platforms.

Pretending to take on the persona of someone famous, or at least well known, has been a strangely popular thing to do on social media. Parody accounts pop up, of course, but there others who just flat out pretend to be someone they’re not, trying to convince others that they’re the real one.

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Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch had implemented verification processes, and the real people are usually signified with a verified tick or symbol of some kind. 

That doesn’t stop imposters from trying their hand, though, especially on sites where verification isn’t really a thing – and it can get creators like Dream in a bit of trouble.

YouTuber Dream's logoYouTube: Dream
Dream has over 16 million subscribers on YouTube, surging in popularity over the past year.

Minecraft YouTuber Dream found himself under fire from some users after an account bearing his name on SoundCloud was found to be threatening others in a pretty malicious way. 

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One post showing the Dream imposter making threats went a bit viral on Twitter, and the YouTuber stepped in on his backup account to make it clear that it’s not him sending the messages. 

“For the record, this isn’t me, it’s someone posing as me,” the YouTuber commented under the viral post. “They also linked it on my Spotify, been trying to get it fixed.”

It obviously comes as a disappointment to some fans who received positive messages from the imposter, thinking they were in conversations with the real dream.

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“Dream I got so excited that you noticed me manpan>

Though it should serve as yet another example of being careful, and knowing it’s the actual person behind the account when interacting with them. Fakes are pretty easy to sniff out thanks to different verification processes.

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