Dream claims Nicolas Cantu threatened to kill him amid “homophobic” rant

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The ongoing drama between voice actor Nicolas Cantu (known for roles in TMNT and The Amazing World of Gumball) and YouTuber Dream has come to a head as a video of Cantu has been released where he threatened to “paralyze” Dream, as well as throwing out various slurs.

Dream’s been making headlines as of late, and it hasn’t been because of his incredibly successful YouTube career. Though the face reveal and subsequent tour has captured the hearts of many fans, there are those who have called him out for grooming fans.

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While these allegations have yet to be proven, some have continued accusing him of interacting with underage fans. Nicolas Cantu, a voice actor known for his roles on shows like TMNT and a star role in The Amazing World of Gumball, took to Twitter and called Dream a “p*dophile”, though he was replying to a fan account rather than Dream himself.

The real Dream responded by posting a video of Cantu on a drunken rant in the back of an Uber, with him threatening Dream during their trip.

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Dream shows footage of Nicolas Cantu’s rant

The video depicts Cantu and Dream in an Uber car together in a rant that’s garnered, at the time of writing, over 60 million views and counting on Twitter.

He insulted the driver, calling him a “fa****” and a “re****” and comparing his intelligence to that of a caveman.

“You don’t understand that you’re talking to, like, a Michelangelo of my time, right? Like, I’m a genius. Albert Einstein-level history book maker. You’re gonna be forgotten like the dust in the sand. When you’re in the f***ing Sahara and there’s a hundred million thousand billion sand particles, you’re gonna be one of those. And I’m gonna be a statue erected in gold.”

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Cantu went on to claim he’s like this because of, “ADHD, autism, neurodivergence,” and that he wants to fight Dream. “Either you’re gonna be paralyzed or you’re gonna be dead,” claimed Cantu.

In a tweet from before the video surfaced, Cantu claimed that he was drunk at the time despite him being underage and that he’s been “cutting back” on drinking.

The fact that Cantu was under the age of being able to legally drink led many to be concerned for his health and to double down on their accusations toward Dream.

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Cantu’s rant slips into the realm of having delusions of grandeur, something often experienced by those who abuse substances and aren’t in their right mind. Many of those who have since seen this video are concerned for Cantu’s health and well-being.

“I would be pretty concerned if a friend of mine was acting like this after drinking, and would be something we could discuss after the hangover.” said one Twitter user.

Nicolas Cantu has yet to respond to the video at the time of writing.

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