Dr DisRespect’s daughter gives hilarious answer when she can’t ‘remember the name’

Popular Twitch streamer Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm brought his daughter onto one of his broadcasts – and the two shared a hilarious moment regarding the proper title of the two-time Blockbuster champion.

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The Doc asked ‘Baby DisRespect’ for his name, to which she gave a comical response.

“What’s the name?” the Doc asked.

“Doody-pooty buttcheeks!” she answered with a devious grin.

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Dr DisRespect appeared to take issue with this reply, and tried to drill her with the proper response.

“We talked about when you say my name, it’s ‘Dr DisRespect,’” he chastised, ending the name with a dramatic echo. “Where’s the echo?”

“I don’t have the echo!” she replied.

“Well we’re gonna have to work on that echo before I bite your toes off,” he threatened playfully. “What are you gonna do if I bite your toes?”

“I’m gonna poop on you,” she answered.

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The Doc’s chat interacted with the moment in kind, jokingly calling for the streamer to follow through with his toe-biting threat.

Dr DisRespect introduced his daughter, who he dubbed ‘Baby DisRespect,’ during a livestream in September of 2017. Since then, ‘Baby DisRespect’ hasn’t changed much – but her sense of humor certainly takes after her father’s.

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That wasn’t the last time’ Baby DisRespect’ appeared on stream, either – the Doc also celebrated a victory in battle royale game PUBG with his daughter back in June 2018, where the two danced together on a green-screened dance floor.

Despite his overwhelming violence, speed, and momentum, the Doc isn’t just a two time Blockbuster champion – he’s also a tender-hearted family man.