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Dr Disrespect wrecks Twitch viewer after finding their channel

Published: 19/Mar/2020 1:00 Updated: 19/Mar/2020 1:08

by David Purcell


Dr Disrespect didn’t hold back after discovering one of the viewers annoying him in the chat actually had their own Twitch channel, roasting it on stream for all of his fans to see. 

Those who regularly tune into livestreams hosted by the popular Twitch streamer on his channel will know by now that speed, violence and momentum all come as part of the package.

Just like many other high profile personalities on Twitch, Dr Disrespect is targeted by his fair share of trolls in the chat, with thousands of comments being typed up by members of the Champions Club for him to see each time he goes live.


Dr Disrespect and many other streamers have been jumping into Warzone regularly since its release.

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However, one person watching along at home could never have expected the Doc to start searching through their profile after making a cheeky comment in his chat, brutally roasting them and their content.

After being eliminated in Call of Duty: Warzone, playing with both NICKMERCS and JoshOG, the Two-Time was watching along as his teammates went into gunfights before becoming a little ticked off at somebody’s comments in the chat.

“Uh, let me get rid of this guy. Let me get rid of this f**king idiot in the chat. ‘I am RCA, I said it in the chat haha'” he said, before clicking the link to his Twitch channel and eventually putting it on screen. “Oh, you got a lot of stuff on it. You’ve got a lot of stuff. Let’s bring it over here you p*ssy.


“Let’s check out your YouTube channel RCA, huh, you stupid idiot, let me check out your YouTube channel. F**king 11 views, four views, five views – QUIT.”

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It never finished up there, though, as he found the viewer’s Twitter profile and reeled off another few jokes. “Look at this guy,” Dr Disrespect added, before once again urging his fellow streamer to quit what he’s doing and go in another direction.

Scrolling through tweets, he said: “No likes! No likes! No likes! Right, RCA I’ll calm down now man. I don’t want to get on you too much, but what I will say is quit. Stop. Quit. Get off social media. Get off Twitch. Quit. It’s not working. I get it, you’re trying and that’s fine, but stop.”


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Off the back of the stream segment, RCA probably did have a few more eyes on his channel and social media platforms than normal, although if Doc’s advice is anything to by, maybe it’s best to leave it at that.

Whether or not the fan will follow his advice remains to be seen, but the rest of the Champions Club definitely enjoyed a few laughs at their expense. It was only a joke, after all.