Dr Disrespect perfectly trolls Timthetatman's new haircut with his own E3 bathroom meme - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect perfectly trolls Timthetatman’s new haircut with his own E3 bathroom meme

Published: 28/Jun/2019 21:35 Updated: 28/Jun/2019 23:55

by Albert Petrosyan


With Dr Disrespect and Timthetatman considered as two of the funniest big-name streamers on Twitch, it comes as no surprise when the two get entangled in some sort of hilarious interaction. 

On June 27, Timthetatman decided to troll his massive viewer-base, and the entire online gaming community for that matter, by hyping them up for what he called a “major announcement.”

When it was time to reveal the news, Tim appeared on his stream with a 100 Thieves hat on, baiting people into thinking he had joined the prestigious esports organization.

However, he would pull off the hat to reveal that he had completely shaved his head, and it became quickly apparent that all of the fanfare had been nothing but smoke and mirrors intended to troll everyone.


Upon seeing this bait announcement, Dr Disrespect decided to do some trolling of his own. In classic Doc style, the Two-Time took the now-iconic image of him peeking over a bathroom stall door and tweeted it at Tim.

The image, of course, was taken during his controversial E3 IRL stream, during which he broadcast live from a public restroom and ultimately received a ban on Twitch. 

However, he made a slight alteration before sending the picture, removing all of the hair in the picture so that he was sporting the same hairstyle as Tim. 

As expected, the comments section quickly became filled with fans laughing at the image, because what’s funnier than seeing a bald Doc peering over a bathroom stall door?


Dr Disrespect announces return date to Twitch

The Doc was finally unbanned by Twitch on June 25, marking the end of what was a 14-day suspension for his E3 livestream debacle. 

However, on June 27, he revealed that he wouldn’t be making his return to Twitch just yet, announcing that his first stream back would actually take place on July 8. 

While he did not provide any reasons for this delay, many are assuming that the Two-Time is simply taking the time to revamp his channel, which he had already teased several days prior.

Regardless, the thousands of loyal fans who watch him on a daily basis will still be nothing but thrilled that their favorite streamer will be returning sooner rather than later.