Dr Disrespect reveals date for Twitch return, and it’s much later than fans expected

Albert Petrosyan

Despite having already been unbanned on Twitch, Dr Disrespect‘s highly anticipated return to streaming will happen a lot later than what most expected.

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The online gaming community was in store for a surprise when Dr Disrespect was finally unbanned on Twitch following his suspension for livestreaming in a public bathroom.

However, despite his channel being made accessible once again, the Doc revealed on June 27 that he will not be returning to streaming immediately after all.

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He tweeted out a video that featured his “bodyguard” Dan lifting weights outdoors and receiving a sudden call from the Two-Time, after which he walks off-screen.

The video screen then turns to black, with the date July 8, 2019 popping up, which is likely to be the date that he fires up his stream for the first time since being unbanned. 

While the news of the superstar streamer’s return to Twitch has excited the thousands who dutifully watch him on a daily basis, it has also raised some curious questions.

For one, many are confused as to why he’s going to be waiting nearly two weeks after his suspension was rescinded to stream once again.

This becomes even more foggy when taking into account that his chat was bursting with many of his followers the day he got unbanned, even without him going live or putting out word that his ban had been lifted.

Dr Disrespect - Twitch
The Doc’s Twitch chat was full of his loyal followers the day he got unbanned, despite the fact that he never went live.

Once he is back, however, viewers may expect to have a totally revamped viewing experience. On June 24, just a day before he was unbanned, the Two-Time put out a tweet that his stream was “under construction,” teasing major improvements.

That could very well be the reason why he’s going to be offline much longer than his suspension had required, probably deciding it was a good opportunity to have some work done on his content. 

Why was Dr Disrespect banned on Twitch?

The Doc’s ban on Twitch came on June 11, in the middle of his first ever IRL stream that he was doing from the E3 gaming convention in Los Angeles.

Moments after his cameraman had followed him into a public restroom with the stream still going, the channel was shut down for having violated Twitch’s rules, not to mention the invasion of privacy.

His suspension ended up lasting 14 days, less than the 30 many thought he had received, but his absence from the platform will ultimately reach that amount of days anyway, now that he’s announced his return date.