Dr Disrespect tries to give inspirational speech but fails miserably

Published: 22/Dec/2019 11:09 Updated: 22/Dec/2019 11:11

by Connor Bennett


Dr Disrespect tried to rile up his Champions Club members with a trademark, passionate speech, but fell flat on his face when his fans didn’t get to hear a single word of it because of his mic.

While The Doc might just be one of the best gamers on Twitch in his own right, it’s the other side of his streams that see him regularly attracting thousands of viewers on a daily basis.

On the production side of things, nobody really holds a candle to his packed out arena, which allows him to address his adoring fans during every stream. Sometimes he may just do that while sat down, waiting for a game to load but in other situations, he runs hilarious skits from places like the ‘arena locker room’, a VIP lounge, and even ‘outside’ while in his Ferrari.

Twitter: DrDisrespectThe Doc’s popularity has led to him appearing on mainstream TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live.

However, the back-to-back Blockbuster video gaming champion got a huge shock during his December 20 stream when he tried addressing his fans live from the locker room before jumping into a game.

As he tried to pump up the stream, The Doc gave what seemed to be a pretty impassionated speech – gesticulating with his arms and pointing directly at his camera.

Yet, the only sound that fans could hear was his background music. So, in a bid to try and get his attention, which didn’t really work, they spammed his chat with emotes to suggest that he needed to fire his ‘director’.

Sadly for the streamer, it wasn’t just a momentary blip of being muted but instead, it lasted for nearly two minutes and he gave off no noise and viewers tried to get his attention.

Only when he made his way back to his streaming set-up did he realize what had just unfolded. “We’ll talk about what I said earlier at a later time,” he said, after a further few moments of silence from his stream.

Of course, with this being livestreaming, anything can go wrong at any point and leave the streamer with egg on their face, but with this being the Doc, he does usually run a tight ship.

Maybe he’ll need to shake up his production staff to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again. Who knows, maybe his director Alex will take the fall – again.


TikToker Tony Lopez responds to being sued for allegedly soliciting minors

Published: 8/Jan/2021 13:10 Updated: 8/Jan/2021 13:21

by Dexerto


TikTok influencer Tony Lopez has responded to a lawsuit filed against him over allegedly soliciting minors, saying that “these allegations are not at all true” and that he is going to “fight it to the very end.”

21-year-old social media influencer Lopez was first accused of inappropriate behavior toward minors in August of 2020. A video went viral on TikTok appearing to show explicit messages sent to a teenage girl by Tony Lopez, prompting backlash against the influencer online.

On August 22 Lopez posted an apology in the form of a screenshot via Twitter, in which he stated “I am not proud of my past choices” and that “I’m truly disappointed in myself for them.” He reminded people he was “new to the entertainment/ LA scene” and said that in the future “will make better, well-informed decisions.”

The apology was criticized by some for being “too vague” as he did not specifically address the allegations within the message.

In the months following, multiple other minors came forward to claim that Lopez had also behaved inappropriately toward them, with one viral TikTok alleging that the TikToker had invited one individual over to the Hype House where “things did happen.”

In a response to claims that Lopez had deleted TikToker Oneya’s comment about the accusations, he said “no one knows the full story, and I have yet to speak about everything properly from my side of this whole thing, yet people speak on it as if they do. Stop using this whole situation for likes. It’s not a joke. Never was a joke.”

According to reports by TMZ, Tony Lopez is now being sued by two underage girls for “sexual battery and emotional distress.” The individuals claim that Lopez began communicating with them online despite knowing they were minors, and “engaged in unlawful sexual acts with her.”

Fellow Hype House members Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou are also being sued for “negligence.”

Hype House members
Instagram: TheHypeHouseLA
The Hype House once peaked at 28 members, but creators have left over time.

With regard to the lawsuit, Lopez reportedly told TMZ, “these allegations are not at all true. I never sent nudes to these women and didn’t ask them to send me pictures either. And, I certainly wouldn’t have sex with someone who told me they were underage.”

He went on to say “This whole thing seems like a money grab to me. I’m going to fight it to the very end. I will not allow them to continue to slander my name and attack my character.”

What the outcome of the lawsuit will be is yet unclear, but the news has been received with mixed reactions online among fans and critics of the influencer.