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Dr Disrespect thinks one big change would improve Tyler1’s Twitch streams

Published: 4/Mar/2019 20:03 Updated: 4/Mar/2019 20:33

by David Purcell


League of Leagues streaming schedule and start playing some first or third person shooter games. 

The Doc, who has held a number of Code Red tournaments in recent months on both Call of Duty Blackout and Apex Legends, raised the point during a stream on March 4. 

Despite admitting that Tyler’s passion and success playing LoL is clear, he would like to now see him try something different. 

Respawn EntertainmentCould we see Dr Disrespect and Tyler1 jump into Apex Legends together in the future?

Tyler1 was voted the runner-up for Streamer of the Year at the 2018 Esports Awards, but expressed his concern of becoming “irrelevant”  back in December 2018 – as he feels he’s not as popular as he once was. 


“I wish Tyler1 would venture out from League of Legends,” Dr Disrespect said. 

“Don’t you want to see Tyler1 not play League of Legends and jump over into the first person shooter, third person shooter universe?” he asked his audience. “I think everyone – the majority of people – do,” he added. 

“You’ve got to respect the passion. He has the passion for League of Legends, apparently. You’ve got to respect it.” 

Whether or not the animated streamer would return to playing first person shooters is unknown at this stage. 

However, this isn’t the first time that The Doc has given Tyler streaming advice and it wouldn’t be the first time it’s been turned down either.


GFUEL, TwitterThis isn’t the first time Dr Disrespect has given his opinion on Tyler1’s streaming schedule.

In July 2018, Dr Disrespect advised Tyler to start playing multiple games, instead of limiting himself and his viewers to just League. 

The streamer discarded his opinion on that occasion, asking why his opinion would matter to him. Will Tyler respond similarly this time?