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Dr Disrespect teases more stream changes ahead of highly-anticipated Twitch return

Published: 6/Jul/2019 0:20 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 18:07

by Albert Petrosyan


Star Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect is due back on the platform very soon, and his stream may feature some major changes when he returns. 

The online gaming community will receive one of its superstars back in just a few days, as fans await the highly-anticipated return of Dr Disrespect on Twitch.

Following his controversial suspension, the Doc revealed that his first stream back will be on Monday, July 8, 2019, despite the fact that his ban was first rescinded all the way back on June 26.

While he hasn’t yet given a straightforward reason for the delay, many have speculated that the Two-Time decided to use the time off to revamp his stream, which he’s teased on Twitter several times in the past few weeks.


His latest teaser image came on July 5, showing a prestigious looking room filled with an ominous red glare, with the words “under construction” emblazoned in the corner.

“Sit back in the Champions Club lounge,” he tweeted. “Relax, watch your mouth, and enjoy the show.”

Dr Disrespect - TwitterWhat kind of changes does the Doc have in store for his first stream back?

As mentioned, this isn’t the first image that the Doc has tweeted out teasing major changes and improvements coming to his stream.

On June 24, just a day before his suspension was lifted, he posted the first teaser for his comeback, even including a jab at himself for the reason why he got suspended in the first place.


As expected, these posts have gotten the gargantuan Champions Club fanbase buzzing, excited to see what changes lay in store for them when the Two-Time fires up his stream for the first time in nearly a month.

While we all still have to wait and see what changes have been made, it’s safe to assume they will be immaculate, considering that the Doc has always been known for his incredible stream graphics and overlays.

Twitch: DrDisrespectDr Disrespect was banned for his controversial IRL stream from E3, which as resulted in this hilarious meme.

Why was Dr Disrespect banned on Twitch?

On June 11, the online gaming community was shocked to find out that the Doc had been banned from streaming on Twitch.

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The suspension was enforced as he was in the middle of his first-ever IRL stream, live from the E3 gaming convention, when his camera crew followed him into a public restroom while the stream was still live.

On June 26, his channel became accessible again on Twitch, prompting thousands of fans to flood into the chat, despite the fact that the hadn’t gone live.

If anything, that was just a sign that his first stream back on July 8 is going to be one of the biggest ever on the platform.