Dr Disrespect teases secret plan to raid Area 51

Meg Bethany Koepp. Last updated: Jul 22, 2019
Pixabay / Twitter: GFUELENERGY

Area 51 memes are all the rage online right now, and controversial Twitch star Dr Disrespect teased that he has a secret plan to raid the classified ‘alien’ base.

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The Two-Time might have taken a month’s break to deal with the fallout from the infamous bathroom streaming controversy, but he proved nothing can stop him after his explosive return on July 8.

Shortly after being back, Doc wasted no time in roasting fellow streamers Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud‘ Grzesiek with cheeky retorts, and now he’s even gone so far as to say that he and his team have ‘secret plans’ to raid Area 51.

Pixabay / Twitter: GFUELENERGY
Watch out aliens – the Doc is coming.
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*X-Files theme music plays*

In his July 22 broadcast, Doc took a break from playing Apex Legends and got ‘serious’ with a skit in his locker room arena.

“We’ve been, uh, planning some things,” he explained as he turned around to look at a crime investigation board filled with photographs of Area 51. “Can’t talk about ’em, or else we’d probably get killed. From the government.”

“But, uh…” he said as he looked around the room shiftily, as though to check if he was being spied on. “Yeah, we’ve got a plan, and it requires a high-end, state-of-the-art spaceship.”

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Dr Disrespect’s fans loved the idea

While it’s obvious that Doc is joking around and won’t actually be storming Area 51 any time soon, his fans loved the idea and shared their thoughts on Reddit.

“Doc often talks about aliens so I could genuinely see him trying to raid area51 one day still in full costume! Haha” one person commented. Another user took the opportunity to mock the Two-Time’s bathroom controversy, and said “Irl stream live from the bathroom of Area 51 Pog.”

Doc’s fans played along with the joke.

Even though it’s just a fun joke, the idea of Dr Disrespect gathering a team and storming his way into Area 51 is absolutely hilarious.