Dr Disrespect storms off stream in a fit of Fortnite rage - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect storms off stream in a fit of Fortnite rage

Published: 12/Apr/2019 8:57 Updated: 12/Apr/2019 9:14

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite Battle Royale when one enemy sponged a whole load of his bullets, before giving him the shock of his life. 

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Is Dr Disrespect done with Fortnite?

The popular Twitch streamer returned to Fortnite to check out the battle royale title’s newly released Arena mode – working his way up the ranks by using his unmatched violence, speed, and momentum.

However, that signature momentum came to a crashing halt when one opponent stunned the Doc, after he thought he had the upper hand in a gunfight. The popular streamer walked away from the stream soon after, briefly leaving his future streaming the battle royale game up in the air. 


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Twitch: Dr DisrespectThe popular streamer has racked up a cult following on Twitch – amassing over three million followers.

What happened to Dr Disrespect? 

The Two-Time rained round after round of Silenced SMG bullets into his opponent, continually knocking parts of their shield out but not doing damage to their health. While he thought he was about to dominate the player, they suddenly fired back a few shotgun shots of their own to wipe him out completely and has was incensed. 

“What the fuck is this game about?” he screamed, before slamming his desk in a fit of rage, causing his camera and streaming set-up to wobble. “What is it about? What is this game about? Are you kidding me.”

The only upside for his viewers was that the player that knocked him down was soon eliminated, which people could see as Dr Disrespect walked away from stream. 


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In the past, similar outcomes in games have caused the streamer to fly off the handle, even more than this, going as far as deleting games like PlayerUnknown’s Battleground from his computer and proclaiming to never play it again

Yet, after a few minutes away from his stream on this occasion, the Doc jumped right back into games of Fortnite without even mentioning what had happened to him – even though his chat might not let him live it down for a while.