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Entertainment • Jan 31, 2019

Dr Disrespect's short return to PUBG ends in wild rage - "This game is pathetic!"

Dr Disrespect's short return to PUBG ends in wild rage - "This game is pathetic!"

Dr Disrespect became a Twitch star thanks to playing games like H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but it appears that the Doc is completely finished with PUBG.


The streamer has been focusing on Fortnite and Sea of Thieves, but decided to return to PUBG on his Wednesday, January 30 stream.

The Doc was attempting a challenge that would see him win a solos match on three battle royale games in one sitting - Fortnite, Call of Duty’s Blackout and finally PUBG.

The Doc was hoping to win matches on three battle royales - but didn't manage it on PUBG.


While The Doc gave it a shot, he was never able to secure the victory on PUBG, growing increasingly frustrated with the game until he eventually couldn’t take any more, uninstalling the game in a fit of rage.

“This fucking game sucks,” yelled Dr Disrespect, slamming his fist into his desk after being killed by an opponent. “This game sucks! I’m done with this challenge, I can’t play this shit fucking game.

“I’m done. This game is the epitome of absolute poor execution. It’s the same bullshit ping, the movement, it makes me so mad. It makes me so mad how pathetic this game is. I’m uninstalling it, this game is a shit game. Get it off my computer.”


The Doc had a tough time while playing PUBG, as he also came across a stream sniping clown that scared the streamer senseless in a hilarious but terrifying moment.

While Dr Disrespect has confirmed that he’s finished with PUBG, the developers of the battle royale title are pumping out lots of new content, although they were forced to remove one of the game’s newest vehicles on January 30 due to a “critical error.”

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