Dr Disrespect and shroud warm up for Apex Legends tournament by roasting each other

Michael Gwilliam
Dr Disrespect/Shroud

Dr Disrespect and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek started beefing in the pre-game lobby of an Apex Legends tournament and there were some classic exchanges

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Neither player got very far in the last round they played with shroud admitting he was the third to die. 

Disrespect said he didn’t last long either, but the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds pro noted he had better spawn options and lasted longer than he did. 

Dr DisrespectDr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch.
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 “I would have destroyed little NiceWigg if some controller player didn’t get involved,” The Doc said in reference to the last match he played where neither him or his rival lasted very long.

“Who’s that?” shroud asked.

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“I think it was Snip3down,” Doc replied.

“He’s a champion,” the former Cloud9 player joked. “A true champion.”

“Did you ever win anything at Cloud9,” The Doc retaliated, mocking the Polish-Canadian’s track record in esport competitions. The statement got a few other laughs from the lobby.

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“The hell?” a confused shroud replied. “I’m just asking?” the Two-Time rhetorically responded. 

“Yeah,” the 25-year-old answered. “I’ve won a lot of things, Doc. A lot of those things are way more impactful than this Apex solo rivals.” 

Respawn EntertainmentShroud and Dr Disrespect have a friendly Twitch rivalry
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This recent playful back-and-forth is the latest heated moment in a battle between two of the top streamers on Twitch. Both shroud and Dr Disrespect easily bring in 25,000 viewers during their broadcast, making them massive influencers on the streaming platform.

With both competing against each other in-game and for subscribers, it will be fun to see if either play can earn bragging rights as their rivalry continues going forward.