Dr Disrespect casting shroud dominating PUBG is the best Doc Cast ever

Connor Bennett


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As one of the most popular channels on Twitch, Dr Disrespect has amassed a cult following thanks to his incredible production value and on-stream moments that leave fans wanting to see more and more with each broadcast.

Those high standards of entertainment were on full display during his July 29 stream as he sat back and watched his fellow streamer run right over two squads of PUBG enemies despite being all by himself. 

Dr Disrespect only brings out Doc Cast when he sees fit.

While spectating shroud’s PUBG match, The Doc saw an opportunity to bust out his Doc Casts camera – jumping behind that notorious desk of his to analyze the action. Within seconds, he was calling out shroud’s quickly growing killstreak as he dispatched of enemies with incredible ease.

Yet, it didn’t seem all too rosy for the former CS:GO pro as one player brought in the big guns. “A tank rolls up behind with fucking nuclear bombs,” the Two-Time called out as shroud continued to rack up eliminations. 

He added: “World war four going on outside. This guy gets demolished, the fucking tank is still downstairs with nuclear bombs and missiles ready and armed,” before cutting out of his segment and cooling off.

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As The Doc finished up his cast and shroud left the enemies in his wake, the streamer hopped into the tank vehicle and was left in disbelief at what he was seeing. 

Despite getting a look at the new vehicle, Dr Disrespect couldn’t help but be pleased by his own handiwork with the casting – giggling for a few moments as shroud tried to chat to him. “I may have cast that whole thing too, fyi,” he added with a concealed smile on his face.

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While shroud may have gotten an indication that The Doc had just commentated his game, it wasn’t too long ago that he was creeping on the former CS:GO pro for content.

As shroud read over the recent PUBG patch notes, Dr Disrespect jumped on-board to call the shots – even if it wasn’t as exhilarating as his kill-streak.

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Sadly, however, the Doc did not choose to bring out the Doc Cast segment any later in his stream. Any fans who want to see it again will just have to tune in with faint hope that he pulls it out.