Dr Disrespect roasts summit1g for not being “built for tournaments”

Twitch/Dr Disrespect/Summit1g

Legendary Twitch star Dr Disrespect blasted fellow streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar before competing in the Code Red Escape from Tarkov tournament.

“Summit needs to get up,” the Two-Time read a comment in his chat, referencing the fact that the retired Counter-Strike pro had overslept and was late to the tournament. “Summit has no chance.”

The tournament features a ton of top streamers including DrLupo, xQc, and AnthonyKongphan competing for $10,000, but that didn’t seem to concern the Doc.

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“I’m going to tell you this right now,” he continued. “He’s not built for tournaments. He’s built for slow-paced, casual gameplay with commentary.”

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Basically, according to Dr Disrespect, Lazar would be better off playing Minecraft or The Sims.

“Okay? This is an arena with ten-thousand dollars on the line,” he charged, motioning to his own stream, refusing to break the fourth wall. “A lot of you are like, ‘Doc, that’s not a lot of money to you is it?’”

Doc said Summit1g isn’t “built for tournaments.”

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He paused for a moment before delivering the punchline: “it really isn’t!” before laughing hysterically at his own comment.

For what it’s worth, summit1g did end up joining the tournament, despite Doc claiming the retired pro had no chance.

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In a post on Twitter, Lazar said he was late because he was up all night streaming: “Gotta stop streaming so late (I won’t). Hope the tourney has been fun so far.”

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Escape from Tarkov is the latest game to feature in BoomTV’s popular Code Red tournament series. Known for its hardcore, complex, and detailed gameplay, the first-person multiplayer shooter has become one of the hottest games over the past few months, with more and more big-name streamers jumping in on the hype.

The objective of this competition is to end the seven-hour period with the most Roubles, the Russian currency that is also used to buy and sell products in EFT.

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