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Dr Disrespect reacts to video of him ‘appearing’ on Britain’s Got Talent

Published: 16/Jan/2020 23:52

by Albert Petrosyan


A fan of Dr Disrespect made a hilarious parody video of the star Twitch streamer appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, and the Two-Time thoroughly enjoyed watching it on stream.

Being the ultra-popular online gaming entertainer that he is, it’s no surprise that Dr Disrespect’s fans are always looking to feature him in some sort of funny content, such as memes and parodies.

One example of this was a hilarious YouTube video from back in October, in which someone edited clips of the Doc into an episode of Britain’s Got Talent, making it seem as though the Two-Time had appeared on one the UK’s most popular talent shows.


The video features him showing off his edited “big hands,” screaming and yelling in his iconic aggressive demeanor, and, best of all, pretending to play the flute.

After everything he does, the audience and judges react accordingly – at first, they look unamused when he’s playing the flute poorly but then, after some stern words from the Doc, they cheer and applaud as he starts creating impressive tunes.

Although the original video was published back in early October, the Doc, as he sometimes likes to do with popular videos and clips, pulled it up and watched it for the first time on stream.


It was clear from the get-go he thoroughly enjoyed it, and it didn’t take him long to immerse himself, and add exaggerated reactions to what he was watching.

This included yelling alongside his on-screen version, bobbing his head to the impressive tunes coming out of the flute, and reveling as the audience gave him a would-be standing ovation at the end of his ‘performance.’

Perhaps the best part about the whole thing was when he yelled “shut your mouth up” at Simon Cowell, a TV personality who himself is known to be blunt with his insults and negative comments toward contestants.


When the real-life version of Doc saw that, he immediately joined it, creating twice the aggressive ruckus.

While this was obviously a funny parody that someone created, it may serve as foreshadowing for where Dr Disrespect’s career is headed – the TV screen.

The Two-Time recently signed a TV deal with the creators of the Walking Dead, and he’s hinted at the possibility of his future show to be animated.