Dr Disrespect mocks his two-week Twitch ban in hilarious skit - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect mocks his two-week Twitch ban in hilarious skit

Published: 12/Jul/2019 19:13 Updated: 12/Jul/2019 19:16

by Virginia Glaze


Massively popular Twitch streamer and internet personality Dr Disrespect was banned from the platform after broadcasting in public bathrooms during E3 2019 -and, although he broke character to deliver a solemn statement on his ‘mishap,’ he doesn’t seem to be taking the scandal too seriously.

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Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban saw the streamer take a step back from the platform for two extra weeks after his channel was reinstated, choosing to hype up his return with a series of teasers and humorous videos.

While the Doc has since made his epic comeback to the site, he’s making light of his infamous E3 ban in his usual, over-the-top fashion – and is using his stream’s insane production value to do so.


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The two-time took a break from pwning noobs in-game to show off the locker room of his shiny new Arena – a stage that he jokingly claimed was off-limits for camera and video equipment.

“Remember? Cameras, pictures, photography?” he said, laughingly. “Not allowed. Right? Don’t do it. Trust me: boy, I learned my lesson. Especially when I was 85 feet below the Earth’ surface scuba diving in Jamaica.”

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This wouldn’t be the first time the Doc has made light of his bathroom ban, either: the streamer poked fun of the debacle with a series of new emotes shortly after the scandal went viral, which show the streamer poking his head over a bathroom stall as recorded during his offending broadcast (which, unfortunately, didn’t end up making the cut).


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That’s not all: the two-time even lightheartedly referred to his ban as a “mishap” during his E3 recap video, ducking into the men’s room after claiming that he had to relieve himself of “hot diarrhea.”

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However, Dr Disrespect didn’t completely disregard the serious consequences of his bathroom stream: Guy Beahm broke character to deliver a sobering message concerning the ban just ahead of his return to Twitch, explaining that he’d been so hyped up about his first IRL stream that he’d gotten carried away with the Doc’s persona.



Dr Disrespect has since made a glorious comeback with an all-new streaming schedule, finally returning to his hilarious, on-stream antics: making sure to avoid any real-life bathrooms, of course.