LIRIK loses to impressive ‘Dr Disrespect’ lookalike character in UFC 3

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch streamer LIRIK was in for the fight of his life in UFC 3 when his online opponent ended up controlling the two-time himself, Dr Disrespect.

After loading into a match, LIRIK noticed his foe selected a created fighter to square down with his own in the octagon but had no idea what he was getting into until he had already agreed to the match.

Upon the match preview, the streamer saw that his opponent “TheWeebRipper” had crafted an incredible model of Doc himself with the hair, glasses, and suit all included through body modifications.

The shocked streamer laughed to himself at the created martial artist. “What the f*ck? Dude, that’s so well-done.”

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The fight itself ended up being one for the ages with the created Dr Disrespect’s moveset looking like something the Streamer of the Year himself would use in combat with combos and even taunts.

Throughout the three rounds, the fight lasted, LIRIK was hit with elbows, spinning kicks, wild punches, jabs, and knockdowns. While he did manage to land a few good blows himself, it was clear he was no match for the power of electrifying entertainer.

As time ticked down in the third round, LIRIK was backed into the cage and hit with an impressive two-time kick – one to the body and another square to the face resulting in a knockout.

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“That was such a good way to end it,” the impressed LIRIK applauded his nemesis. “I got one-twoed. Dude, that was funny sh*t.”

Created custom fighters have always been a significant source of entertainment in pro wrestling or UFC games because there’s no limit to how creative people can be. Anything from real people, cartoon characters, politicians, fictional icons, or even Twitch streamers can be designed as custom fighters.

For those wanting to see the real Doc fight, don’t get your hopes up. He pondered the idea of squaring off against other streamers after the Logan Paul – KSI rematch.

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“I’m trying to think who’d I would hop in the ring within my profession,” he said. “Nobody is on my level in terms of athleticism and size.”

As it turns out, Doc may be too tough an opponent in both real life and video games.