Dr Disrespect has incredible reaction to bizarre Crab Fight game trailer - Dexerto

Dr Disrespect has incredible reaction to bizarre Crab Fight game trailer

Published: 13/Apr/2019 10:09 Updated: 13/Apr/2019 10:27

by Connor Bennett


Dr Disrespect may get flustered every now and again following a fan’s donation, but asking him to check out a hot new release seems like a surefire way to land yourself in his bad books.

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Dr Disrespect wants a new game to switch it up

The popular Twitch streamer, who has amassed a cult following on the livestreaming platform, will regularly play a variety of games on his channel – while always circling back to a battle royale title of some sort in a bid to dominate his opponents.

That was no different on April 12, when he had been streaming his Fortnite solo arena sessions for over four hours, before stating he was becoming tired of the battle royale and looking to switch up his game for the rest of the stream.


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G FUELThe Doc didn’t take too kindly to being asked for his opinion on ‘Crab Fight.’

Dr Disrespect reacts to bizarre game trailer

In that downtime, one fan dropped a donation on The Doc. Yet, instead of leaving a message from him to read out, the donation had a suggestion for the next game that the streamer could move on to.

However, it wasn’t a brand new battle royale or first-person shooter, but instead the game ‘Crab Fight’ for Nintendo Switch – and the Doc didn’t take it too well. “Everyone, attention. Shut down the stream, we’ve got a go-to premiere trailer from a donation saying this is the game Doctor for you,” sarcastically called out the streamer, before pressing play.


After watching a few seconds of the bizarre trailer, the Doc had some brutal words for the donator who recommended he took his time to view the game. “Hey Jordan, don’t ever fucking donate to me again,” roared the streamer before walking away from his stream for a few minutes.

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While the two-time is usually up for playing new games on stream, it doesn’t look like fans will be able to tune into him duking it out in Crab Fight anytime soon.

Even if the majority of his viewers aren’t disappointed by that reality, at least one person will be – and our thoughts go out to Jordan’s crushed dreams.