Dr Disrespect has the funniest response to being stream-sniped you’ll ever see

Twitch: Dr Disrespect / PUBG Corp

Popular Twitch star Dr Disrespect had the funniest response to being stream-sniped during his July 26 broadcast of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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Video game streamers are forever being plagued by stream-snipers, who deliberately sabotage broadcasts because they either want attention, they think it’s funny, or both. While not all experiences are bad, it can lead to frustration when players use the tactic to cheat or to get an advantage.

Dr Disrespect is just one example of someone who experiences the behavior a lot, and he had the best reaction when it happened during his July 26 broadcast of PUBG.

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Doc on being stream-sniped

On having his gameplay sabotaged for the millionth time, the Two-Time had enough and decided to go on a hilarious rant where he made fun of a stream-sniper’s lifestyle.

“Doctor! Come on, man. I just wanna… Come on, Doctor!” he said mockingly. “Doctor! Turn around! I just need an ounce, just a little bit of attention, my mommy and daddy don’t give me any attention.” 

“But Doctor, I know you can give me just a little bit. Please! I want to be respected, I want to be nurtured, I want some attention!”

Twitch: Dr DisrespectThe Two-Time went on the funniest rant after his game was sabotaged.
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Doc then went on to make fun of what he thought a typical sniper’s lifestyle is like, taking shots at their PC build, employment status, and more. 

“I’m on my fifth monitor, I’ve been trying to stream snipe you my whole life! I don’t have a job, I got D- grades, I’m way out of shape, my health is way out of control.”

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He finished with a ridiculous retort on their dietary habits, mocking their lack of self-care, overall health, and self-control.

“I love Snickers bars and Butterfingers and vanilla ice-cream with rainbow sprinkles on it! I wanna go to Yogurtland, and get everything that I want! Look at me, I’m so cool!”

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Dr Disrespect is well-known for his epic tirades and explosive rhetoric, but it’s unclear whether his take on stream snipers will make them stop or simply make them do it more because they want another hilarious reaction from him. Either way, not much will ever top this rant.