Shroud explains why viewer telling him to “do his job” got banned

Matt Porter

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek may be one of the most talented video game players in the world, but you shouldn’t head into his Twitch chat and tell him to play games, as one viewer found out the hard way.

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While Twitch is most closely associated with gaming streams, many broadcasters on the platform instead choose to talk and interact with their audience, forgoing gaming altogether.

While shroud is synonymous with high-tier gameplay, the Canadian likes to kick his streams off by hanging out and responding to his chat, who enjoy the moments they get to converse with the former CS:GO pro. When one viewer expressed his displeasure at the situation though, shroud was quick to put them back in their place.

Respawn EntertainmentShroud may be the best gamer in the world, but it’s clear he’s not a fan of being told what to play.
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While discussing the new trailer for Zombieland 2 movie, and his roommate’s cat, shroud noticed a comment in his Twitch chat from a subscriber that told him to stop chatting with his audience, and play games instead.

“Do your job and play a game,” read shroud from his chat. “What the hell?”

“I got you dog, I got you. I can sit here and do nothing, okay. How long was that guy subbed for? I already banned him but I’m just curious. I could literally sit here and stare at my screen for eight hours if I wanted to.

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While shroud may be a gaming streamer by trade, he definitely doesn’t appreciate being told what to do by a viewer, making it clear that he’s in control of his broadcast and what happens on it, and refuses to be dictated to.

Of course, shroud has an incredible relationship with his fanbase, but it seems he’s intent on not letting a few bad apples ruin his streams for either his audience, or himself.