Dr Disrespect explains why he’s “upset” with his own Twitch subs

Twitch: Dr Disrespect

As one of the most popular channels on all of Twitch, Dr Disrespect boasts one of the highest subscriber counts on the platform. But, he’s called out these very same subscribers now, criticizing them for a lack of energy in the streams.

Estimated to have over 20,000 paying subscribers, one of the many benefits these users get is the ability to chat in the stream. Yet, Doc is now experimenting with allowing all viewers to chat, even non-subscribers.

This instantly changed the dynamic of his chat, as random viewers would endlessly spam the chat with increasingly incoherent and random messages, just because they could really.

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Some may have predicted that the Doc would grow tired of the random ramblings of these viewers and constant emote spam, but it’s had quite the opposite effect instead.

“On the flipside of it, they are bringing in energy – some of you guys don’t have the same energy,” he said, addressing his ‘Champions Club’ members specifically. “You guys say one thing, all day! See, this is why I’m starting to get pi**ed off at you guys, Champions Club.

“Not the spammers, I was getting kinda, well, there’s no real legitimate meaning to [the spam], but they’re bringing the energy!” The Doc’s rant came as he was playing the $25,000 Code Red 2v2 tournament and wanted more ‘energy’ from his fans.

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“I don’t know why I’m getting upset, Champions Club, but I am – I’m starting to flip into tournament mode, that’s why.”

Before this, Dr Disrespect had also roasted the spammers too, mocking them for incessantly copying and pasting messages from other users: “I can’t imagine the brain that is sitting in that head!”

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These types of spams are known as ‘copypastas’ on Twitch, where users constantly repeat each other’s messages to create a wall of similar emotes or phrases.

Although Dr Disrespect clearly isn’t a fan of this Twitch meme culture either, at least it brings the “energy” he’s looking to get out of his online chat. How long his chat will stay like this, though, remains to be seen.

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