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Dr Disrespect explains what happened to his ‘director’ following Twitch ban

Published: 9/Jul/2019 9:40 Updated: 10/Jul/2019 9:50

by David Purcell


Dr Disrespect has finally revealed what happened to his ‘director’ after being banned on Twitch for recording inside a bathroom at the E3 trade fair, and it sounds like a pretty ruthless move. 

The popular internet personality hosted a return stream on July 8 where talked about eclipsing Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ sub count on Twitch within thirty minutes of going live, but also gave his fans some more insight into the decisions he’s had to take following his ban on the platform. 

Clearly, his director – who many viewers have never seen – felt the full force of the Doc’s suspension as “Alex” apparently gave him the green light to record in the bathroom. After breaking California law by livestreaming in the men’s room, Dr Disrespect claims he had to take action. 


Twitch: DrDisrespectImages of Dr Disrespect peeking over a wall inside an E3 bathroom have gone viral since his Twitch IRL stream at the event.

“A lot of you have probably been wondering what happened to Alex… Obviously, Twitch would not allow me to bring him back as part of the team,” Dr Disrespect said, before claiming that he’s now taken over the full running of his streams. 

He continued: “We got rid of him. I just kicked him out on the street. Saves me a lot of money anyway. I can do all of this by myself, right? So that’s exactly what I’m doing.” 

The Two-Time opened the door to the future appointment of another streaming director, saying that maybe it would happen “one day.” Whether or not that will come to fruition in the near future remains to be seen, especially considering many of us don’t even know if the post existed in the first place. 


Of course, this isn’t the first time that Dr Disrespect has spoken about the situation surrounding his Twitch ban. He decided to break character on July 1 to address any concerns people may have with the way he handled himself at E3, and issued a detailed statement regarding the mistakes made. 

Twitter: Guy BeahmDr Disrespect, real name Guy Beahm, broke character on July 1 to talk about his Twitch ban.

“When we were walking around filming at E3, we clearly weren’t thinking about the laws/repercussions of filming in the bathroom because honestly, it wasn’t in our mind frame at the time,” Guy Beahm explained, which is Dr Disrespect’s real name for those who aren’t aware. 


He added: “We were sort of ‘all in’ with the Doc livestream experience and capturing the E3 event through the character. We were so into the E3 IRL journey that we became a little blind in what’s ok and what’s not ok.”


Now, though, he has revealed that his streaming director had to be removed from his post as a result of the ban – a repercussion that some might have perhaps anticipated anyway. 

Fans will be looking forward to seeing what other games Dr Disrespect decides to play moving forward, now that he’s back up and running, with PUBG featuring in his broadcasts since his return.