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Dr Disrespect donates to summit1g to roast him playing Jump King

Published: 28/Dec/2019 13:03

by Joe Craven


DrDisrespect donated to fellow Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar, simply to wind him up as he tried the notoriously difficult game, Jump King. 

Jump King was developed and published by Nexile, originally released in May 2019. It has found a new lease of life recently, as a number of prominent gamers entertain their viewers with Nexile’s jumping simulator. 

The game is a typical ‘rage game’, designed for players to lose significant amounts of progress at the smallest mistake. Despite throwing shade at streamers’ struggles, PewDiePie himself failed to get past the game’s easiest section. PewDiePie’s comments even led xQc to brilliantly hit back, after the ex-Overwatch pro was one of the streamer’s to struggle with the game.


Jump King has found new popularity in the latter stages of 2019.

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On December 27, summit1g was playing Jump King to his tens of thousands of viewers on Twitch and – understandably – became frustrated with the game as he struggled to traverse some early levels. 

A number of donations came in, many encouraging Lazar as he struggled. However, one donation was not too kind, and came by way of serial trash talker Dr Disrespect. 

“Cute game,” the Doc’s donation said. “Seeing you fail and fail and fail at a Virtua Boy Game Boy game makes me… superior?” The donation was signed off by a lot of laughter. 

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While it could be someone impersonating the Doc, he is known to mock other streamers – like shroud – with donations when they are struggling. This summit donation perfectly matched his signature style, written in quotations and signed off ” – Dr Disrespect”. 

Summit, for his part, smiled wryly and continued playing the game, before letting out a significant groan, as if the Doc’s message was enough to push him over the edge.

As the next donation perfectly summarized: “Started from the bottom now we at the bottom”. Lots of other donations came in from fans, trying to put summit off and distract him, or just really rub in how difficult the game was proving.


What we really need to see now, is the Doc try his hand at Jump King.